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Darian is an exciting startup in the Financial Technology (commonly known as Fintech) sector, with big plans to transform how finance companies make use of their financial data. The brand was founded entirely remotely (how 2020 of them!) last year by finance experts David and Aris, who needed help establishing their brand identity, along with a new platform to share their unique approach and generate traffic for their services.

Alongside the launch, we’ve also supported publishing regular articles on LinkedIn to share some insights into their approach and generate a buzz ahead of the official brand launch. To see some of the articles they’ve created, click here.



We were tasked with creating a user-friendly website experience that clearly informs the audience of Darian’s expertise and approach. We needed a website provider that would allow us to create a modern aesthetic and implement essential tools such as Google Analytics, HotJar heat maps, Mailchimp and meeting scheduling. For this reason, Squarespace was selected to keep our options open and let our creativity run free!



The website design & development process has been divided into 4 stages.

Stage 1: We discuss what your aims and ambitions are for your website presence; including the aesthetic, promotional and functional needs to make your page a success.

Stage 2: In order to make sure your branding stands out, we will discuss the options for your preferred template for your site. This will also include handover of any required images, copy, team photos and/or videos that you would like to be included.

Stage 3: This stage is where we work to make your website functional. Ensuring that each page is correctly linked to form a comprehensive ‘wireframe’ in order to begin building each section of your site.

Stage 4: At the final stage, we initiate a thorough test of every page, button and link on your page to ensure there are no bugs or security issues hiding in the shadows. This is also our opportunity to ensure that your new site is ‘SEO-friendly’ – helping you to get noticed among the people searching for your services. We then discuss your feedback in detail to ensure you are happy with the final product before we hit the launch button!



The end result is an attractive yet simple design that lets the content do the talking. We ensured that the brand identity remains consistent across the website experiences, while also including a human feel to such a technology-based brand with the use of simple character illustrations that also promotes Darian’s personal approach.

The Squarespace platform’s customisation abilities allowed us to go above and beyond on the design front with its ability to integrate CSS and JavaScript, allowing us to create a truly one-of-a-kind presence that will serve their needs for years to come.

Click here to view the finished product!

If you believe you’d benefit from a refreshed presence of your own, click here to enquire with our team.

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