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SugarMoo is Dubai’s first online dessert delivery bakery, a one-stop shop for a whole range of amazing desserts delivered straight to your door. Every cake has a texture and story to tell your taste buds. The only component missing was a fresh & stylish website to match the high quality of the products.


From looking at SugarMoo’s brand identity & Instagram, it was clear that they have a recognisable and curated online presence. However, their website was not conveying the right message and required an upgrade. This is why we felt it was important to provide a complete redesign & development of the company’s website. SugarMoo required an online shop/check out system, with a modern, mobile-first look & feel with seamless user experience, all whilst showcasing the amazing desserts in the best quality possible.

Our goal was clear: optimise the layout in order to enhance and simplify the user journey, while using a premium software plugin to compress the images for fast loading times. We also needed to ensure a smooth deployment in the live environment that wouldn’t disrupt the check out process.


Our creative team started exploring ideas to enhance and simplify the online experience. Mock-ups were created and sent out to the client and we quickly found ourselves with a plan that worked better for SugarMoo and their customers. Once this happened, our development team set out to make the front end changes in the Magento platform. We brought the website to life with a refreshed colour palette, widescreen carousels, playful fonts, and most importantly, amazing HD pictures of all their treats! We also integrated SugarMoo’s Instagram feed presenting their latest & greatest content to help users understand the products visually… and to just gawk at some cakes of course.

Props to our development team as they had to ensure this website not only worked visually but practically too. After hours of coding, we were left with a smooth website with a clear check out system that customers would find very easy to use.



To round up, we now feel that SugarMoo has a modern website that will leave customers salivating on their screens. The underwhelming feeling the previous website presented has gone and we are now left with something engaging and more on brand.

Click here to check out the new SugarMoo website.

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