Crab Sports Case Study


Crab Sports is a US-based online sports betting company, dedicated entirely to Maryland, that recognized the need to establish its presence in the highly competitive betting industry. To achieve this, Crab Sports partnered with Gaming Innovation Group (GiG), which provided the technical platform, data, and content management system for their new website. Crab Sports also required export support to design and develop the front-end aspect of their gaming website, which is where Mr. Highline came into play.



The primary goal of this project was to create a best-in-class betting website for Crab Sports that would stand out in the highly competitive industry and highlight their local roots and partners. To achieve this, our process began with conducting thorough research and analysis of the competition, as well as benchmarking against leading betting websites in terms of user experience (UX) and user interface (UI). Based on our findings, we developed wireframes that incorporated the best practices for a best-in-class betting website. Once the wireframes were completed and approved by the client, we proceeded with the design work and finally the development of the website using GiG’s Directus content management system (CMS).


Our strategy for the Crab Sports betting website was to focus on delivering a unique and exceptional user experience. To achieve this, we utilized GiG’s Directus CMS, which offered us a highly professional and dynamic API, ensuring optimal safety, performance, and management. While GiG focused on developing the back-end system, we were responsible for the front-end by adapting their designs to match our requirements and incorporating our expertise to develop additional pages for the Crab Sports website.

We took a minimalistic approach to the design of the betting website, with a keen emphasis on making the user journey as streamlined and easy as possible. We also aimed to showcase Maryland’s local look and feel, which was a particular request from Crab Sports. The sportsbook is presented in a comprehensive and visual manner, while the crab club page boasts a vibrant and lively appearance, complete with a live map that highlights the locations of our partners. This innovative feature distinguishes the Crab Sports betting website from its competitors, ensuring that users remain engaged throughout their experience.


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