Our collaboration with rare charity

Our creativity and passion for the online world are not always affected by the budget. Collaborating with institutions that disrupt established thinking and make things differently is our key motivator. Rare Charity was founded in 2016 by Henrietta Lovell, aka Rare Tea Lady, to respond to the need of creating educational opportunities among the Satemwa Tea Estate community in Malawi. The organisation already funds university and college education for young people from across the

Satemwa Tea Estate, focusing on individual students. In line with Rare Tea Company's ethos, the charity works on a small scale, engaging with communities they already know, supporting sustainable development and corporate social responsibility. At Mr.Highline, we use our work ethic, skills and expertise to reinforce Rare Charity's mission of creating educational opportunities within Malawi's tea-producing communities. Discover more by visiting their website.

Christalena Vraila, Mr.Highline co-founder and Rare Charity Guardian Angel

Christalena is the co-founder and Director of Mr.Highline, a creative agency focused on inspired hospitality. In the midst of Instagram and the flourishing of social media, she came to observe that very few hotels invested considerably to their social media presence which is how Mr.Highline was born in 2017.

When she was introduced to Rare Charity, Christalena was immediately fascinated by the work they produce in order to create educational opportunities in Malawi.

The great connection she had with Daisy left no doubt to her that she was eager to assist with the online presence of the charity by supporting their social channels and website.

Christalena’s team at Mr.Highline redesigned Rare charity’s logo and gave a modern look and feel to their entire online presence.

They continue supporting the charity in any possible way in order to ensure that their message is spread in the online world with the purpose of raising awareness and gaining more monthly donors.

Konstantinos Adamos, Rare Charity Ambassador

Konstantinos has an international background. He is originally from Greece but studied law in the UK where he currently lives and practices as a solicitor in London in the financial services sector.

In his free time he enjoys going to the theatre, travelling and supporting the arts where he is actively involved as a benefactor of the Serpentine Gallery.

His introduction to Rare Charity was a happy coincidence. Ever the inquisitive spirit he asked to find out more about the tea served in one of his favourite spots in London – Claridge’s.

Konstantinos then reached out to the Rare charity and was deeply impressed by its powerful message and the high impact of the educational outreach programs in the communities it supports. Being an academic himself (currently undertaking a PhD at VUB, Brussels) he strongly believes that education really is a gift for life and this was the driving force behind his involvement with Rare.

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