Our collaboration with rare charity

Our creativity and passion for the online world are not always affected by the budget. Collaborating with institutions that disrupt established thinking and make things differently is our key motivator.

Rare Charity was founded in 2016 by Henrietta Lovell, aka Rare Tea Lady, to respond to the need of creating educational opportunities among the Satemwa Tea Estate community in Malawi.

The organisation already funds university and college education for young people from across the Satemwa Tea Estate, focusing on individual students. In line with Rare Tea Company’s ethos, the charity works on a small scale, engaging with communities they already know, supporting sustainable development and corporate social responsibility.
At Mr.Highline, we use our work ethic, skills and expertise to reinforce Rare Charity’s mission of creating educational opportunities within Malawi’s tea-producing communities. Discover more by visiting their website.

Rare Charity

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