We are striving to establish an ongoing consulting relationship with the purpose of enhancing brand awareness, building a loyal follower base and developing a clear and concise strategy to surpass your initial objectives.

We understand the high demands of the hospitality industry and the importance of conveying the right message to your audience. For that reason, we offer bespoke solutions and alternatives based on your business goals.


We start by gathering all the requirements that you have and we invest in discussing in depth your business objectives and aspirations in order to compile a fine tuned strategy.

Social Media

Social media consulting includes definition of online strategy, creation of target audiences that match your brand, frequent reporting and evaluation of performance.


Website consulting includes thorough investigation of your website’s performance. We look into google analytics, heat maps, AB testing frameworks and user behaviour patterns.


Whether you are going through a rebranding process or making core changes in your business, we help you throughout the transitional period in order to maintain your audience's interest and successfully launch your project.

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