Valentine's Direct Bookings

In the following case study, we will be analysing a social media conversion campaign for Novotel London Brentford. We will be looking into our client’s goal and we will be elaborating on the strategy behind this campaign as well as the results delivered.


Our goal for this conversion campaign was to generate direct bookings for Valentine’s weekend at the Novotel London Brentford hotel. We came up with a comprehensive package that included a one or two-night stay – both with a complimentary upgrade and welcome drinks for two. The length of this campaign lasted for 2 weeks (24nd January – 7th February) leading up to Valentine’s Day. We strategically decided to leave a few days between the end of the campaign and Valentine’s weekend in order for the hotel to confirm attendance with the guests, and process all the bookings.


The strategy behind this campaign was to come up with some attention-grabbing content, in order to boost the occupancy levels and drive direct bookings. For this purpose, we created a short video showcasing the hotel and its facilities in an engaging way. We also came up with an effective headline and context within the campaign to ensure that the potential guests could understand exactly what the available package entails. The tagline was “Last minute special offer for Valentine’s Day at Novotel Brentford”. We targeted a refined audience ensuring that both the interests and locations matched those who we believed would be most interested in this offering.



We reached 30K people and we generated a total of 67 leads who booked either a one or two-night stay at the hotel over Valentine’s weekend. This showed that all the elements of our campaign were successful as we managed to achieve ROI and attract those who were interested in booking this romantic getaway directly with the hotel.


Valentine's campaign results

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