Revolutionary Storytelling

We have been proud to support a very personal journey for one of our clients, Abshir Aden Ferro. We initially began our relationship to provide digital services for his leading security company Fort Roche, but as our relationship developed, we discovered a fascinating ambition that goes far beyond hospitality.




After a storied career across military, security & government
roles around the world, he has built relationships with leaders at every
step of his professional life which has put him
in a strong position to start a revolution in his home nation.
During this process, Abshir has created his own political party
named “Alliance for the Future”, with the goal to bring leaders
together and provide a stable economical foundation to build
on the nation’s potential.


We have been working closely to change the narrative of Somalia’s reputation away from the negative stories of war & piracy, and towards inspiring stories of compassion that is frequently missed by the mainstream media.


Take a look below at some images of the capital city of Somalia, Mogadishu, during a visit in 2007.




We created the #SmilesInSomalia campaign to support this journey and share an unprecedented view of what is really happening in this nation, through the eyes of the local people and their stories. Based on footage that we received from a recent tour by Abshir, we were able to piece together a wide range of topics in order to display thriving local markets, the city nightlife as well as the popularity of the beach and its importance to their fishing industry. Today, with the help of leaders like Abshir, the future of Mogadishu now looks totally different.

We are proud to support Abshir’s journey as it expands far further than just messaging on Social Media. Based on his expertise, experience and valued relationships in the region, Abshir is putting his vision into practice after founding a new political party, known in English as the “Alliance for the Future Party” to continue the positive movement and innovate how the nation collaborates with the rest of the world. Abshir has also become a valued advisor across a variety of European committee’s, as well as providing means to protect the interests of foreign investors into his home nation.




Since beginning this journey in May 2019, our content has reached over 6 million people across Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn. Our combination of images, news stories and first-hand video footage has told a unique story of Abshir’s journey towards his goal of leading the nation into a future free from the stereotypes, and filled with what makes the country truly special – the people.

Take a look at some examples of our compilations below ?

You can follow Abshir’s journey through Social Media on LinkedIn, Instagram & Facebook.

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