Four Hands Dinner

“From the Sea to the Sky”

The Four Hands Dinner series at Bokan’s 37th floor restaurant was a gourmet dining experience like no other in London.
The talented team at Bokan collaborated with world renowned Michelin star chef Gergoire Berger, the head chef at the famous Ossiano underwater restaurant at Atlantis the Palm, Dubai.

You can take a look at more of his amazing work here.


Guillaume & Gregoire


Connected by French roots, Bokan’s head chef Guillaume welcomed Greg into his kitchen to provide exclusive guests a stunning 12 course dinner. The only missing component was how to capture the moment and share it with a wide audience after the end of the night.


We recognised what an amazing opportunity this would be to showcase some of the best culinary talent behind the same pass, so we offered our in-house services to capture every aspect of the evening on camera, providing a unique behind-the-scenes insight into how the experts go about their craft to create a menu that is not only delicious, but visually stunning as well.



We stayed long into the night to capture every detail of the team’s preparation all the way through to delivering some of the finest plates of food to the guests.

We were then able to create a short video to highlight the success of the evening which was posted to the thousands of followers on Bokan’s social channels, whilst also being shared by Gregoire to his global audience of over 160,000 food lovers.

This is a great example of how the Mr.Highline team reacted quickly to an exciting opportunity and delivered a fast turnaround to generate a buzz about the event that will be remembered fondly by everyone involved.

Take a look at our video coverage of the event here ?


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