The Profile of a Future President.


As our work with Abshir progressed and our relationship grew stronger, we were invited to be a part of the creation of Abshir’s personal website, The website was designed to provide a centralised platform for all information and collateral related to Abshir’s activity, both in parliament in Europe on behalf of his Somali connections as well as his experience on the ground in Mogadishu over the last 30 years. The selection of a suitable hosting platform is critical in this step, in order to ensure a modern aesthetic with a modular design, which allows for quick and easy updates as they become available from Abshir’s activity.


Those who have known Abshir will know that he has played a supporting role in the development of diplomatic ties between his beloved nation and the rest of the world, as well as creating organisations to support the development of key areas in Somalia’s economy: Education, Agriculture and Security. 

Whilst Abshir’s presence on social media continues to flourish, having reached over 10 million people since the birth of his online presence, it became necessary to collate all the media surrounding his profile and presidential campaign into one location in order to be as accessible as possible to online users across the globe, so that we do not rely on the use of social media platforms to help people learn about his vision. 

Despite his success through LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram, there became a misconception that Abshir and his expertise appeared out of nowhere in 2019, when in fact he has played an important behind-the-curtain role for over 30 years and spoken on behalf of Somali ministers during UN meetings. This therefore provided the opportunity to declare evidence of his experience all in one place.


By following his website, you can expect to receive updates on his diplomatic travels, provide an additional sales platform for the promotion of his book “My Life for Somalia”, as well as press releases and a gallery of photos taken throughout this period. We continue to play an important role in documenting this inspirational journey and documenting the transformational change that Abshir’s vision brings to his home nation.

Find out more by visiting his website here.

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