Ginza St James Case Study


Page Awareness Campaigns are a form of paid advertisement aimed directly at increasing the number of likes for a Facebook Page. The goal is to target people who might be interested in your brand and the posts you share on Facebook. When someone “likes” your Facebook Page, that person is showing interest in your business and is subscribing to receive occasional updates in the form of Facebook posts. They can result in a growth of 10x more page likes than on a week where a campaign is not run! There are many reasons a business may run a campaign, for example to get more engagement, more website visits, or to get more page likes. Either way page awareness campaigns are a hugely effective way to grow brand awareness!



Ginza St. James has recently become our client and needed more visibility online. In order to achieve this goal we adopted performance marketing by implementing page awareness campaigns in our monthly activity. Our goal was to get more page likes meaning to reach more users across Facebook, and most importantly new customers! Therefore, we started promoting their Facebook page with the scope of increasing page likes, and consequently getting more views, engagement on their posts, and finally exposure across all social media platforms.





Post Reactions:


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Running a Page Awareness Campaign is done by clicking on ‘create a new ad’ on the business page and requires the following steps:

1. Deciding the goal: For Ginza St. James we wanted to grow the page likes.
2. Creating a caption: The caption needs to catch the attention of the viewer and include a topic that interests them, resulting in engagement. We end with the phrase ‘connect with us today to find out more’ as this provides the call-to-action (CTA) goal.
3. Choosing an image: The image needs to simultaneously be as eye-catching when the user is scrolling through their feed and come across the sponsored ad. This is why we chose a stylish interior picture of the restaurant.
4. Choosing an audience: The audience needs to have the largest reach possible. We used one that included multiple countries and interests that are linked to the hospitality industry.
5. Setting a budget: The budget determines the reach of the campaign, so the bigger the amount of money spent, the more successful the results of reaching users and getting them to like the page. It is also more useful to spread the budget across a few days so the campaign runs for longer. That is why we spent £10 across 2 days.

Once the following steps have been completed, all that is needed is to press ‘promote’ and watch the page likes increase!

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