Lucky Bet Social Media & Content Strategy


Lucky Bet, based in Australia, recognized their need to boost their social media presence pre-launching their new online gambling website. Distinctive in its nature, the gaming sector demands a unique marketing approach, necessitating a tailored strategy to navigate the competitive landscape. Lucky Bet sought to enhance awareness, recognition, and differentiation on various social media platforms, requiring a comprehensive and innovative content strategy.



The primary goal was clear: to build awareness of the new upcoming website and establish Lucky Bet as a standout presence among numerous competitors across diverse social media channels. Simultaneously, the objective was to craft engaging and high-quality content capable of capturing the attention of potential new players, as well as creating a teaser strategy for the launch of their new website to be announced on social media.



Our initial step involved a thorough analysis of the online gaming and betting landscape on key platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. By identifying prevailing trends, preferred content types, and the appropriate tone for each platform, we formulated a strategic plan. Recognizing that a successful gaming and online betting strategy encompasses a mix of thrilling, exciting, and lighthearted content, such as games, sports matches, reviews, collaborations, and memes, we set the foundation.

Upon defining the main content pillars, the creative process commenced. A professional, high-level feed was curated, incorporating a blend of User-Generated Content (UGC) and branded assets. This not only personalized Lucky Bet’s brand identity but also positioned it distinctively against competitors.

The inclusion of creators and influencers was a pivotal step as we recognised the need for them to become advocates of the brand. Collaboration ensued, with creators offering insights, and tips on games and sportsbooks, and sharing their personal stories and affiliations with Lucky Bet. This not only added authenticity to the brand but also created anticipation around Lucky Bet’s new website.

The final crucial step involved crafting captions tailored to each social media platform. Instagram and Facebook adopted a lighthearted, informative, yet informal tone, designed to resonate with the platforms’ user demographics and create a sense of approachability. In contrast, LinkedIn featured a more insightful and formal content style, aligning with its professional audience and emphasizing Lucky Bet’s expertise and credibility in the industry.


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