Interactive Stories Case Study


Since their launch in 2016, the Stories feature alone has made Instagram more popular than other Story and mobile video platform competitors and in 2021, Instagram reported over 500M users viewed stories. 

On Instagram Stories, interactive frames have a particular call-to-action or way viewers can get involved from within the app. This often includes using Instagram’s Poll or Quiz stickers, inciting users to share a specific piece of content themselves or get involved by sharing their response with a brand or other account. 


Our goal was to create tailor-made interactive stories for our client accounts in order to gain some of their audience’s insights or opinion on a particular topic, to intrigue and entertain the audience, to introduce them to new information (eg. new menu), or for them to be able to vote in a poll and see what other people think about a certain topic or theme.

Besides our usual curated stories for our clients that we share on their social media, we felt that the best way to gather information, entertain and educate the audiences on our clients’ brand – interactive stories would have been the best way to achieve all of these goals. 


Our strategy behind creating customised Interactive stories such as Instagram Polls and Quizzes was first to study what the audience preferred to be educated on, and second, what kind of updates or information they might have liked to guess and learn by trying the response on the interactive stories. Through creating these interactive stories and sharing them weekly per account, we managed to increase the total number of story and profile views, raise brand awareness and create a sense of community where the audience felt engaged.


Total Views:




Bokan Bar


Bokan London





Bokan Bar


Bokan London


How to create interactive stories:

1. Study what the audience would like to know or updates to receive

One of the most effective ways to grab the audience’s attention and ensure they interact with your Instagram polls and quizzes is to study in which areas there is a knowledge gap and what kind of updates they would like to receive.  

2. Decide on a topic and write a captivating question

What will make the difference between interacting and not interacting is how the question is formulated. Make sure that the question is concise and captivating. 

3. Use Quiz and Poll Stickers  

According to the answer required you can use a Quiz to have a basic “yes or no” answer or a Poll which will allow the audience to decide the answer based on multiple choices and at the end discover the answer at the end once answered to the poll. . 

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