Jak's & Zefi Case Study


Take your marketing strategy to the next level with Instagram Reels! They are perfect for increasing engagement and reach. Launched in 2019, Instagram Reels enable marketers to enhance their marketing strategy and content calendars.
What are Instagram Reels? They are videos of up to 90 seconds that include: audio, text, effects and stickers. They are similar to stories with the interactive features available, however, the main difference is that they last longer and have their own tab within the user’s profile and dedicated feed.



Our goal was to ‘boost’ the exposure of our new client Jak’s & Zefi on Instagram to increase users awareness. We jumped on the trend of Instagram Reels by creating 10-15 second videos using captivating photos, videos and behind the scenes to create a storytelling effect of the restaurant, menu and overall experience. As a result, we have reached 183,718 users, gained 186,610 impressions, and achieved an engagement rate of over 1.4K.

The Instagram Explore Page features content that is personalised to users interests and so benefits an account when their post is featured as it firstly shows that users are interested in their content, and secondly it grows the post impressions. We have successfully achieved this goal as our latest reels have been shown on the Explore Page achieving over 10K views.



The most crucial aspect of our strategy was deciding the best way to showcase various content using different forms of Reels (short ones, informative, playful, informative and storytelling). Therefore, we firstly conducted research into identifying the most trendiest reels along with the music used for each one of them. Secondly, we created the reels by keeping in mind the brand persona, message, brand guidelines, and finally content availability. Once we gained the inspiration and content required, we did a further step by visiting the client and taking short video content to showcase the restaurant experience in Reels format. Once these steps were completed, we created innovative reels to publish on our client’s pages.


Steps for Creating Instagram Reels:

To create an Instagram Reel, click the camera button at the bottom of your screen and scroll to the left until you find the “Reels” option. Before you start recording or importing your content, you can select one of the several options available:

1. Audio: You can add a song or audio track from your Instagram’s music library or leave your video’s original sound.
2. AR Effects: You can choose to select one of the several effects from the gallery.
3. Timer and Countdown: This option is useful if you plan to record your video hand-free and there’s no one around to help out.
4. Speed: Another helpful option if you plan to record multiple shots and you want to accelerate or lower the speed of the video while filming.



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