Novotel London Bridge - Case Study


Instagram Competitions are a super engaging form of content! And, they give more engagement than regular posts by getting 3.5 times as many likes, and 64 times more comments on average than regular posts. They can be a powerful way to increase your brand’s awareness on social media. There are many reasons why you might want to run an Instagram competition, whether you are looking to rapidly grow your online presence, likes and comments on Instagram, or simply reward your followers with a captivating prize.  


Our goal was to create a tailor-made competition post for Novotel London Bridge to increase their followers and engagement rate by rewarding the lucky winner with a FREE one night’s stay for two people during the long-awaited Easter Weekend in London, where major events would have taken place.  Novotel London Bridge had recently become our client, and we decided to kick start their activity with one of the latest Instagram trends. This was decided in order to boost their engagement rate, profile views, likes, and finally followers.  


The most crucial aspect of our strategy was deciding the best time to run a competition post; timing is important when deciding to run a competition, especially in the hospitality industry. Therefore, we took advantage of the Easter Break to launch our first competition. The following step was contacting the client to propose the competition and the prize with was a FREE one-night stay for 2 during the Easter Break. Why? Who wouldn’t like to travel during Easter, and who would not take advantage of interacting with a post offering something for free?

Once agreed on the price and date, the next crucial step is to check the latest rules of running a competition on Instagram so that it brings the intended results. Here is what you should always remember:
• Inform that the promotion is not sponsored in any way, supported, carried out or associated with the Instagram website
• Include the name of the company conducting the competition
• Inform about the start and end dates
• Inform about the restrictions regarding participation; e.g. age, location, follow the account and like the post
• Explain how and when the winners will be chosen
• Inform how and when the prize will be delivered

Once agreed on the prize and set the rules, all we had to do was create a captivating and fun personalised competition asset!








New Followers:





Mr.Highline Instagram Competition Ideas:

1. Like, comment and follow: It is one of the most popular methods of entry. People will have to like your post, and leave a comment by tagging the person with who would like to enjoy the prize and both will have to follow your account in order to gain entry.
2. Tag a Friend: This will allow users to enter and tag some of their own friends, creating a ripple effect of awareness around your competition and brand.
3. User-Generated Content: This is extremely useful if your goal is to gather more UGC to share online, and creating an Instagram competition can be a great way to achieve this goal.

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