Instagram Competitions


Why do businesses run Instagram competitions? The main reason is because they are a great strategic way to boost engagement, along with increasing your follower base. These competitions are also effective in fostering community engagement, as participants often tag their family and friends, hence building awareness for the brand. 


For our client, Novotel London Bridge, our goal was to increase engagement rate and followers. We decided to seize the holiday season of love as an opportunity to launch our competition. Participants had the chance to win a complimentary stay for two, perfect for a belated Valentine’s or Galentine’s celebration in Central London!


Pre-publishing post: Before launching the competition, our established plan included geotagging the post to our main Instagram account and integrating specifically chosen, strategic hashtags to optimize visibility and interaction.

Day of publishing post: After we posted the competition on Valentine’s Day, we immediately shared it as a story, mentioning both the primary and main location accounts. Additionally, we strategically pinned the post to the top of the feed to enhance its reach and potential for engagement.

Post-publishing post:During the entire week of the competition, a significant daily budget was assigned to boosting the post daily. As part of our daily community management efforts, we concentrated on interacting with users by utilizing location-specific hashtags such as #southbank, #londonbridge, or #novotellondonbridge. In the comments section, we first acknowledged their posts and then subtly promoted the competition, using comments like “That looks like an amazing experience! Did you visit alone? We’re currently running a lovely competition for couples, and it would be wonderful for you to participate!”









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Mr.Highline Instagram Competition Ideas:

1. Promote Across Channels: Extend the reach of your competition by promoting it on other social media platforms, your website, email newsletters, and any other relevant channels where your audience is active.
2. Utilize Instagram Stories: Leverage Instagram Stories to provide updates, reminders, and behind-the-scenes content related to the competition. Polls, quizzes, and countdown stickers can also increase engagement.
3. Follow Up After the Competition: Once the competition ends, announce the winners publicly, and thank all participants for their involvement. Consider offering exclusive discounts or special offers to participants as a gesture of appreciation and to maintain their interest in your brand.

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