Influencer Collaboration

In the following case study, we will be analysing an Influencer collaboration that we set up between Amy Normanton and Novotel Cardiff Centre. We will be looking into our initial goal for this collaboration, and we will be elaborating on the strategy behind this campaign as well as the results delivered.


The goal and purpose for this collaboration was to increase the hotel’s exposure through social media, reach a wider audience and grow the account’s followers. During the time of this collaboration, the hotel had just re-opened after the first lockdown in 2020, and with all of the hotel’s cleanliness programme and ALLSafe certificate in place, we decided this would be the perfect chance to showcase this safety to the audience.


We did some research to find a suitable influencer for this collaboration, and reached out to @amynormanton to see if she would be interested. We offered her a complimentary 1 night stay for her and a plus one including breakfast. In exchange for this, we requested that Amy would generate content in the form of multiple Instagram stories, and an Instagram Grid post where she would tag the hotel whilst talking about her experience. She would also take multiple photos and videos that could be used by the hotel for promotional purposes.



This proved to be successful as Amy’s grid post about the hotel received a total of 592 likes, with 28 comments. We also received some great content from Amy that could be used for future promotional use, along with positive quotes about her full experience with the new safety measures in place. This content will be useful for sharing on both the hotel and Customs Shed social media pages.




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