Heyward Group Website Relaunch


Heyward Group, a ‘people-first’ team of consulting experts, recently relaunched under their new brand name. This rebranding represented a step-change in the approach of the business, with the aim to provide a clear insight into the services they provide and the skills of the ‘anti-consultant consultants’. We have been proud to work alongside the team since 2017, where we developed their first commercial website and handled their social media presence through a professional strategy for posting on LinkedIn. The pandemic provided a unique opportunity to take a step back from and re-evaluate how they can generate the most value to both teams in business, and the development of individuals within a team.


Our team was tasked to create a brand new website for the business. Heyward Group wanted to provide a fresh and more streamlined user experience online, which clearly defined the two areas of the rebrand that business leaders and their teams can benefit from. This includes:

Leadership Development

This area focuses on providing coaching, mentoring & corporate education on behalf of businesses to develop the next batch of senior leaders and encourage progression from within. Heyward Group also provides support for graduates looking to take their first step into hospitality due to Michael’s years of teaching experience at Glion Higher Institute of Education.


This area focuses on co-creating innovative solutions to business issues in today’s world, particularly as many organisations have been forced to adapt after the pandemic. Heyward Group’s expertise help to provide digital transformation, commercially savvy strategies, operational consulting and helping to build successful teams for the future.



Our design & development team got their creative juices flowing on designing a sleek, modern website, packed with everything users need to know about the services that will be relevant to their needs. This began with a simple wireframe, which illustrated the layout of the pages within each section to ensure that we cover every topic in detail.

Once the sitemap was agreed, next came the copy! This is where we brought each section to life, with a new tone of voice designed to inspire ‘action through emotion’ whilst conveying a professional presence that users will feel confident in collaborating with. Each section was meticulously curated over many rounds of planning & feedback to ensure that the messaging was clear and concise.

We also supported their new presence with a photoshoot to refresh the aesthetic look of the brand, working with Squib Photography to highlight the team’s charisma as well as the very human approach to the experience of working with Heyward Group.

When you combine all these pieces of the puzzle, the implementation was the easy part! We were able to present the new image with a clear, consistent colour palette and a unique branding to solidify their new approach across both their website and social media posts.


The team at Heyward Group were highly satisfied with our commitment to their vision during every step of the project, allowing their brand to stand out from the larger corporate consultants, whilst also avoiding the pitfalls of smaller consultancies with abstract teachings and an eye-popping online presence. “We’re big enough to make a difference and small enough to care”. That’s a message that stuck with us throughout this process, and one we try to live by ourselves! We continue to provide regular updates on social media after reaching nearly 10,000 users online during the relaunch period.

There’s still plenty more to come from this partnership nearly 5 years in the making, so stay tuned for more and take a look at their new look by clicking here!

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