Darian Brand Book


After providing a stylish new website fit for an aspiring Financial Technology (Fintech) startup, the next logical step was to ensure that their new brand identity was solidified in the minds of prospects as the company launched its awareness phase. For that purpose we created an identity system and an identity guideline manual which allows for the consistent use of the brand’s identity through all consumer touch-points, enabling a brand to be easily recognized and gain awareness in the marketplace. Did you know? It takes between 5-7 impressions for users to remember a brand; this could be your website, a social media post, your newsletter among many other things. Branding ensures that their experience remains consistent and increases the credibility of your brand as professionals in your market


For Darian, we identified a roadmap to refine and evolve their brand identity, and our creative team got started exploring ideas based on the client’s brief in order to ensure that all communications, visuals and documents followed the same guidelines. We first created versions of the logo and in parallel, the rest of the brand was developed. Once we reached an agreement, the brand identity was presented and translated into a comprehensive “brand book”.


Our designers got to work with plenty of creative inspiration from the initial colours chosen and keeping in mind the vision of the two co-founders behind Darian. From this experience, we understood the style & personality of the brand as an exciting new entrant into the fintech market, but one that also focuses on the human benefits of the technological advances they provide. With this in mind, we produced:
– Typography
– Colour Palette
– Social Media Skins
– Photo Repository
– Branded Assets
– Art Direction



With these simple measures, a brand new company will enjoy the same online presence as that of an established corporation. This enables them to compete with industry players not only with greater agility as a smaller team, but without facing the pitfalls of an untrustworthy online presence during the early stages of growth.

Darian is a rapidly emerging player in an even more rapidly evolving market of financial technology. We’re extremely proud to have collaborated to unleash their new presence online, so that they can effectively sell their products and help other businesses achieve growth with tools that enable greater efficiency, reporting and strategic planning for the future. If you feel this might be what’s to come for your business, now you know where to go!

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