Client Visits: Strengthening Connections & Creating Content


Client visits are essential for us and our clients as they allow us to capture authentic content for their social media pages, build trust, deepen insights, and strengthen our relationship. Meeting face-to-face allows for clearer communication, fostering rapport and understanding. By prioritizing client visits, we stay ahead, while reinforcing our commitment to client satisfaction and meaningful engagement.



Our primary goal at Mr. Highline is to curate dynamic and up-to-date content for our clients’ social media pages, ensuring each post resonates with their audience. Specifically, we aim to:

– Humanize our images: Our goal is to capture engaging content that showcases the hotel facilities in a fun and dynamic way, incorporating people in action.
– Ensure content hub success: By meeting clients in person, we ensure a comprehensive understanding of their needs to create content that resonates effectively.
– Build relationships: Onsite visits deepen our relationships with clients and provide valuable insights into their priorities.



1. Reach out and schedule: this initial step involves mutually agreeing a suitable date. Clear communication ensures alignment on schedules and objectives for the visit.

2. Create shot list: Prior to the visit, our team creates a comprehensive shot list detailing everything we aim to capture during the on-site visit. This includes the type of content we aim to capture, plus any props we may need. It also includes researching what competitors are doing, as well as the latest trends.

3.The day of the visit: With the date confirmed and shot list in hand, our team immerses themselves in the client’s environment, capturing compelling content. Through personal interactions, we ensure that each element on the shot list is completed, maintaining focus on humanizing the imagery and storytelling.

4.Edit and share internally: Following the visit, the content undergoes thorough editing to ensure quality and consistency. Our team curates the content, selecting the most impactful visuals. This ensures that the final content aligns seamlessly with the clients brand and aims.

5.Integration into strategies: Once the content is finalized, it is integrated into upcoming strategies and calendars. This serves as a cornerstone for driving engagement, fostering connections with the audience, and achieving objectives.

By following this strategic framework, we ensure an efficient process for capturing and leveraging authentic content from onsite visits. This approach not only strengthens our client relationships, but also enhances the effectiveness of our strategies, driving tangible results and amplifying the client’s brand presence across digital channels.


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