Novotel Photoshoot


Our goal was to come up with social media content for a hotel that was unfortunately closed to guests during the lockdown due to Covid-19. Normally the user-generated content alone from a hotel like Novotel London Canary Wharf could fill up an Instagram feed for years! All the tagged photos and videos from guests, but all of that had come to a halt. It was time to get some new and fresh content of the property by focusing on the experience and connect with the audience.


Our strategy was to capture the teams and new protocols in the hotel, including sanitising stations, decluttered spaces, social distancing, face masks, etc. We wanted to do this in a more personal way so that future guests could rest assured that all the necessary measures were in place and the team has been working behind the scenes to adapt to the new “normal”. At the same time, we wanted to support Bokan (Novotel Canary Wharf’s rooftop restaurant and bar) which was ready to re-open after the lockdown, so we aimed to capture the chefs and bartenders preparing for what was to be a great comeback night.


We walked away with a variety of great photos with a more personal look & feel, whilst also capturing the staff in action, which is always a bonus. We shared these photos on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter throughout the subsequent month of the photoshoot. They delivered great engagement with our top-performing post reaching the highest amount of people for a single post that month. Viewers reacted well to this content as it offered something more than a generic hotel photo; a more ‘behind the scenes’ approach that allowed potential guests to connect with the brand.








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