Case Studies


Case Study - SugarMoo Website

Our team were excited to work on the complete redesign of the SugarMoo website. It was time to create a seamless online hub with epic dessert shots, smooth integrations & easy transactions.

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Case Study - Website & Brand Curation

We've supported a leading education provider with a new online presence & brand identity. We also upgraded the company's online presence by creating a Google My Business account.

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Darian Fintech

Case Study - Web Development

We've been working with an exciting new entrant into the Fintech market to provide an attractive online presence. We were tasked with creating a user-friendly website experience that clearly informs the audience of Darian’s expertise and approach.

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Case Study - Client Success

Our collaboration began in October 2017. The hotel recognised a need for a more boutique approach to their online presence, with a team that could capably cover every aspect of their website & social media channels.

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Novotel Cardiff

Case Study - Influencer Collaboration

We will be analysing an Influencer collaboration that we set up between Amy Normanton and Novotel Cardiff Centre.

We will be looking into our initial goal for this collaboration, and we will be elaborating on the strategy behind this campaign as well as the results delivered.

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Novotel London Brentford

Case Study - Valentines Direct Bookings

Working alongside our client in order to deliver direct booking for the St Valentine's weekend. We will be looking into the social media conversion campaign that we designed and we will be elaborating on the strategy behind the campaign as well as the results delivered.

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Exclusive Interviews

Case Study - #CoffeeWithAClient

Focusing on an authentic approach to our client communication, we came up with a video series that would allow us to promote the way that we value relationships with our clients.

We encouraged our General Managers to share a coffee with us and express what makes their hotel and our relationship special.

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Case Study - Digital Content

The goal was to create social media content for a hotel that was unfortunately closed to guests during the lockdown due to Covid-19.

We scheduled a photoshoot to showcase the team and the experience, which was well received by the audience and produced high levels of engagement.

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Bokan London

Case Study - Videography Four Hands Dinner

Connected by French roots, Bokan’s head chef Guillaume welcomed Greg into his kitchen to provide exclusive guests a stunning 12 course dinner.

We offered our in-house services to capture every aspect of the evening on camera, providing a unique behind-the-scenes insight into how the experts go about their craft to create a menu that is not only delicious, but visually stunning as well.

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Hospitality Survey

Case Study - #WeWantToKnow

Our goal was to gather insights in terms of consumer traveling decisions and their priorities moving forward to help hospitality businesses plan their reopening based on hard data. We targeted a volume of potential customers worldwide.

Let's address the elephant in the room.

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Abshir Aden Ferro

Case Study - #SmilesInSomalia

We created the #SmilesInSomalia campaign to share an unprecedented view of what is really happening in Somalia, through the eyes of the local people and their stories.

Our content has reached over 6 million people across Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn.

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Case Study - Event Ticket Sales

Analysing the ticket sales that we achieved for a Rave-A-Roo event through the power of digital marketing. We will be looking into our client’s goal and we will be elaborating on the strategy behind this campaign as well as the results delivered.

Rave-A-Roo is a day time mash-up of festival fun for the whole family, with events that were previously held at London’s Iconic Ministry of Sound Super Club.

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