Ushvani Case Study


Social media is constantly evolving, and Instagram, with over 2 billion monthly active users, is no exception. This is why it’s important to stay up to date with the latest trends. Branded assets are one of the hottest Instagram trends which have being used by worldwide brands such as Nike, Prada, Gucci and many more. In a rapid digital world understanding branded assets, and how they contribute to growth, differentiates businesses. Let’s show you how to win the brand game.



If someone asked you about your favourite brands in the world, you’d be able to define their logo, the look–and-feel of the packages, the colours they use on their website or social handles, and much more. Branded assets play an integral part in every experience that the customer has with the brand.

Our goal was to great graphical elements, “branded assets”, that Ushvani customers (online users) would associate with the spa. We jumped on this Instagram trend by creating a diverse portfolio of branded assets such as Guest Reviews, Checklist, Press Releases, Tips of The Day, and Informative Carousels. As a result, not only do users associate the assets with the Ushvani brand, but they turned out to be the top performing posts of the month gaining an average of +6K likes, +67.8K impressions,, and over 300 saved.



Our strategy consisted of developing, installing, and consistently reinforcing Ushvani’s unique brand identity among customers, as well as making it stand out from competition. We wanted to connect with consumers in a deeper way by emphasizing the core values and mission of the business, thus creating an extremely devoted fan base. Therefore, we conducted market research into understanding what were the core wants and needs of our consumer. Once identified, we started to gather information on the health and wellness industry such as: Yoga tips, motivational quotes, healthy recipes, morning routines, and health and wellness notable dates. The creative part came next where we designed entertaining and light hearted branded assets whilst respecting the brand guidelines, creating reminder posts, informative carousels, daily checklists, cross boards, and image based assets with the description of the product. Lastly, we kept in mind the nature of Instagram which is NOT TO SELL! But instead, to connect with, entertain and educate it’s active users. This is why the captions for the branded assets were light hearted, informative, and engaging with questions!


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