Earth Hotels Case Study


Earth Hotels, settled into the Earth’s atmosphere, is a breakout from the ordinary. Each hotel is built with a sustainable state of mind and with the goal to create exceptional and joyful experiences. As part of their efforts to highlight their tech focused nature it was only natural to require a cool and innovative website that hosts all the properties of the brand. Earth Hotels are situated in multiple locations, including Jebel Jais, 1,934m above sea level, Al Zorah Mangroves in Ajman, nestled within the natural reserves, Marjan Island, a modernist oasis, and in the heart of Portugal.


We were tasked to develop an industry-first, vibrant and unconventional brand website that reflected the values of the brand. We were also encouraged to implement a forward thinking solution that would disrupt the traditional way of booking your hotel stay. We came up with an innovative approach and we built a progressive web app for the booking engine, where each user can book a room in the selected hotel both for himself and for any other additional guests, along with their prefered activities and experiences.


The first step was to develop the website dynamically by translating the design into code and implementing the functionalities with PHP (programming language) and WordPress. Additionally, our team developed the booking engine using a PWA (progressive web application) which was embedded in the brand website, where each page has the “Book now” button and doesn’t require any loading time. This process provides the user with an online shopping experience, where they can purchase for themselves, family and friends a number of rooms and activities based on the availability of the hotel, simply by adding them to their cart. This is an industry-first feature that allows Earth Hotels to offer a fully online purchase experience to all guests.


Our development approach is disrupting the traditional booking engine experience which is archaic and inefficient. Our solution focuses on a simple and seamless user journey, while showcasing in the best possible way the modern values and forward thinking approach of Earth Hotels.

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