Brand Awareness Campaign

In the following case study, we will be analysing an awareness campaign for Novotel London Canary Wharf. We will be discussing the goal of the campaign, along with the finer details of how we executed it and the results that we produced.


The goal of this campaign was to expand the awareness of the hotel and their Facebook page by growing the number of ‘Facebook Fans’ and ultimately the number of page likes. Raising awareness consists of not only reaching new groups of people in different locations, but it is also about building trust towards the brand, and therefore raising their authority.


Valentine's campaign results



The key is to create and define a suitable target audience, meaning that the likes you gain are actually relevant to the account. When running an awareness campaign, you can target a specific audience based on age range, gender, location and interests, meaning that the campaign you create can be as targeted as you want it to be. The success of an awareness campaign is measured based on two key metrics: the levels of reach and the page likes produced.

Valentine's campaign results


Building The Campaign

Once you have created your audience, it is equally as important to choose a short and punchy headline accompanied by an image, which will prompt people to engage and will affect their decision on whether to follow/like the page or not. We decided to run this campaign for a duration of 4 days, spreading the budget equally across all four. We came up with the content “Relax in one of our suites in the sky during your stay with us”, with the simple call to action at the end – “Connect with us today”.

Valentine's campaign results


As we can see from this example, over the course of just 4 days we reached over 14.5K people and we gained over 2K new page likes. The cost per like was just £0.01 which proves that we had a successful conversion rate.


Valentine's campaign results

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