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From 1983 until today, Stoxos has the responsibility and management of the tuition centres which operate in Athens, Piraeus and Patras, with the sole purpose of preparing candidates for admission to the university. Stoxos provides tutoring for entrance examinations with exclusivity in the theoretical direction and the quality of the curriculum.


We agreed on a project to provide a complete redesign & development of the company’s website & brand identity. Stoxos required a commercial presence, following a modern, mobile-first look & feel with seamless user experience. Mr.Highline built the commercial website, collaborating closely to select the correct designs & templates for each page, allowing modification of the user experience based on their brand guidelines. 

We have also set up the brand’s online appearance by creating a Google My Business account which allowed the business to easily connect with customers across Google Search and Maps.

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At Mr.Highline, every project starts with a conversation so that we connect with your vision and gather as much information as possible on the current business objectives and your ideal outcome from the project. ­

For Stoxos, we identified a roadmap to achieve the team’s goals, and our creative team got started start exploring ideas for their new online experience and identity. The existing logo was reworked and in parallel, the rest of the brand was developed. Once we’ve reached a consensus, the brand identity was presented and translated into a comprehensive “brand book”.

We understood the industry’s high demand and the importance of conveying the right message to the right audience. For that reason, we developed a strong and recognizable brand identity guideline manual that set the standard for all future materials and allows for a consistent, coordinated communications effort across all customer touch-points. 

Based on our knowledge of website development and user-friendly providers, Squarespace was selected as the best choice to maintain a secure & attractive presence on desktop & mobile. Squarespace is the all-in-one solution combining SSLs, integrations, galleries and hosting of your website. It allows complete customization with CSS and JavaScript coding languages. Finally, the website was optimized for fast loading times.


We implemented a blog section where Stoxos can now publish articles, link them to social media or other platforms and track the traffic with a high degree of detail based on their activity on the site. The integrated systems (which we’ll explain below) also provide assistance with writing SEO-friendly content, in order to stay true to maximise the company’s online visibility. (Take a look at our SEO guide here)


Mr.Highline integrated the site with the following tools:

Instagram Feed – Presenting your latest & greatest content to help users understand your business visually.

Google Analytics and HotJar Heatmaps – To monitor clicks, dwell time and the complete user journey through every page.

Marketing Automation with Facebook Pixel and Google Tag Manager – Allowing Google & Facebook’s AI to track the performance of your website from social media traffic and Google search queries, helping you to optimise your approach to getting users to the right page at the right time for them. 

Google My Business 

We ensured that the new account is configured with the relevant business locations and the information is reflected accordingly on google maps. This allowed Stoxos to achieve better visibility, both on google maps and google search. Finally, the embedded map on the website is accurately showing all the different locations of the business, their opening times and contact details to encourage more inbound queries through Google.


The website was officially launched in May 2021, having achieved everything the team set out in their brief. The refreshed identity and consistent branding provides an immediately professional feel and an inviting customer experience to ensure users stay on the website and easily find the information they need to take action. 

Even when working remotely throughout the project, we are all extremely satisfied with the success of the project and we hope that this benefits the brand and every student that uses their platforms for years to come!

Check out the end result here

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