A Month of Celebrations

Who’s in the mood to celebrate? 🎉 The time has finally come to embrace our freedom once again, so we’ve got no excuse not to spread some positivity this month! Us Brits have taken another step towards normality, and the hospitality industry welcomes guests indoors (no more dinner with your coat on!). In keeping with this spirit, we wanted to highlight some events that are truly worth celebrating this month. 

Pride 2021 – It’s Back! 🏳️‍🌈

June is commonly referred to as Pride Month, as we embrace the diversity within our nation and celebrate what it means to take pride in being true to yourself. In normal times, you can see the streets of London filled with colour & celebrations in June during the Pride March. Sadly this was forced to postpone until the 11th September, but we’ll still be celebrating in any way we can to show our appreciation for the diverse community that can call this city home.

It’s been nearly two years since the LGBT+ community have been able to celebrate together, but we were huge fans of last year’s #YouMeUsWe online campaign to keep the conversation going and continue spreading positivity so that everyone can celebrate who they are. Over 100 industry executives were involved in this project, with each member sharing a spotlight on tackling diversity issues and raising awareness in their own business. 

Since We’re Celebrating… 🥂

We recently had a reason to celebrate in our team, as we enjoyed our first team reunion since September 2020, whilst making the most of outdoor dining in London. It was also the first time many of our team got to meet and officially welcome our newest member Emeka, who has been our designer since January! It was an amazing feeling to reconnect with the people behind the zoom calls and remind ourselves of the value of not always talking about work. 

Sitting around the same table again made us realised that we ourselves benefit from a diverse team, where no two backgrounds are the same! It certainly makes you proud to be able to learn from a range of experiences & generations to allow a deeper understanding of the audiences we engage with ourselves and on behalf of clients.

Even after going completely remote working in 2020, the value of connecting in person can never be understated, so it seems that the return of hospitality couldn’t have come at a better time!

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