Sustainable Luxury

A new era for sustainability

As the world returns to normal, should we go back to business-as-usual? World Earth Day is on the horizon and this year’s theme is to restore the world. It is of the utmost importance that we all take a look in the mirror and ensure we are playing a role in the preservation of our resources. Individually, each of us can make the world a better place, even in the most luxurious places…

A recent study from Oxford showed that 73 percent of Millennial respondents were willing to spend more on a product if it comes from a sustainable or socially conscious brand. That’s more than what older generations indicated. Furthermore, 81 percent of Millennials expect the brands that they buy into to be transparent in their marketing and actively talk about their sustainability impact. 

Luxury brands pivot towards sustainability and conscious solutions.

Famous diamonds luxury brand Tiffany operates in an industry that has come under fire for bringing conflicts to communities in South Africa. In order to change this perception, the brand was one of the first big jewellery names to source metals and diamonds from responsible mining companies. Tiffany now has a zero-tolerance policy for purchasing diamonds from countries with human rights infringements. Increasingly, leading luxury brands are taking steps in this direction and are introducing the idea of ‘sustainable luxury’ as an integral part of their own brand image

“I just ask myself, if I had to pull back the curtain on our factories, would I want our customers to see what’s there?“ – Andy Hart, head of diamond supply for Tiffany

Sustainability in Hotels

Park Hyatt, Hadahaa – Fuel and energy consumption and plastic use are not only reduced at the resort, but Park Hyatt is also taking steps to tackle ecological pollution in the area, using its dhoni (Maldivian boats) to collect plastics from other islands twice a week and transfer them to a central collection point. They also have a Green Team who are dedicated to monitoring and maintaining the condition of the reef, beach and islands.

To conclude.

Sustainable luxury is the future; luxury products with sustainable values. It is another option to saving the planet since we would be channeling our purchasing power to where we will do the least harm — by buying sustainable luxury goods.

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