Discussing Clubhouse

Networking with Influencers: For Better or Worse?

It didn’t take long for the next popular online platform to emerge in 2021, did it? Clubhouse brings a new and exclusive approach to sharing knowledge and connecting with global users based on what matters to you.

If you’re sat thinking “I’ve only just got my head around TikTok”, never fear! Clubhouse is still in its early stages after its launch in March 2020, and it remains an elusive platform to join, but the concept is a subtle nod to the changing behaviours of users online. 

So, if you’re lucky enough to receive an invitation, what’s all the fuss about?

The first thing you’ll realise is that this isn’t a cut-and-paste of what we’ve seen before. Clubhouse is a platform not to celebrate’s one’s vanity, but instead, genuine, in-the-moment conversations with the most influential names in 2021. You log in, find a ‘room’ of your choosing with a related topic, and away you go. A big draw for new users was a conversation between Elon Musk, the Founder of Tesla and SpaceX, and the CEO of Robinhood Vlad Tenev (whom you may have heard of after his company’s recent run-ins with GameStop investors).

As influencer marketing goes, this was a shrewd move to capitalise on two global names at their peak of public awareness and drive them to consume interesting content by adopting a new format. Clubhouse now enjoys over 3.6 million users (Reuters), all reaping the rewards of the exclusive knowledge straight from the source. 

What happens on Clubhouse, Stays on Clubhouse (We hope).

These conversations are designed to only be available at the time they are happening, which is why it sets itself apart from other streamers like Twitch. No recording, no playback and no sharing with your friends. Naturally, that which only exists in scarcity is often perceived as more valuable, which is why you’ll find users clinging on to every word of the presenters’ knowledge that may not be shared elsewhere if it was recorded. You’re accessing their thoughts, feelings and reactions in the moment as though you were sat in a room with them. Something we can all dream of right now!

This hasn’t come without its challenges. There have been reports of conversations resurfacing on other platforms and questions raised about data security. These are important hurdles the global platforms must overcome if their vision is to materialise. 

What’s in it for us?

Struggling to keep up with each new tech trend, and even more so how they could benefit your business? Consider how using this platform could help you stay informed, rather than for pure entertainment. It speaks directly to a society that wants to receive information instantly and remain at the cutting edge of their fields. Offering similar benefits to that of podcasts, you are not required to dedicate your whole attention while participating. You can still consume content whilst out for a run, in the car, or even at work. It’s a well considered source of knowledge that runs with current consumer behaviours without demanding large batches of our attention.

The idea of such an app is intriguing for those who enjoy learning from influential figures and want to input on certain topics. It’s a great way to keep people interested in topical events, and continue evolving our mindsets, attitudes and business goals. It takes the value away from influencers on other platforms whom rely to some extent on how they look, instead valuing people for the way they speak. That’s a subtle but potentially radical shift in the way we look to influence consumers online.

Will you be hitting that sign up button once your invite arrives? There’s going to be something extremely valuable for users to enjoy from the potential of this platform – as long as it lives up to its hype. Easy, right?

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