Alumni in Conversation – Marketing Through a Crisis

On the 2nd June we had the pleasure of collaborating with the GLION Alumni for a webinar on the topic of “Marketing Through a Crisis”. Our Founder & Director Christalena had a speaker’s role alongside Les Roches Alumni Dan Teterin, who has also Co-Founded a hospitality production agency. 

This experience offered the opportunity to share how two leaders from similar educational backgrounds have tackled the present issues facing their growing companies, and to share what they have also given back into the world of digital marketing to continue learning and prepare for what comes next. Both parties have been busy with their outreach: our Mr.Highline team created an industry survey to gather first-hand insights on how consumers picture their path back into the world of travel and events, while the team at Spingun have created a task list to help business stay committed to excellence through their communications, which can be found here:

This event was a great example of how we can continue to learn from one another’s experiences to put ourselves in a better position for what comes next. You can watch the webinar in full by clicking here:

After completing her first webinar experience, here’s what Christalena had to say about the conversation:

It was a pleasure participating in this webinar that has been so thoughtfully organised by Sophie Thomas and her Alumni Engagement team. We are all in the process of planning the new reality after the pandemic, therefore we focused on exploring marketing actions that will help businesses adapt accordingly. Thank you to everyone who joined the webinar.”

If you’d like to get involved in our survey before it closes on the 30th June, you can find the link to participate here:

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