Mr.Highline Presentation Middlesex University


On the 5th of February 2019, Mr.Highline team took a trip to North London to support our Director Christalena after she was invited to give a presentation during a lecture to MSc International Hospitality & Event Management students. The goal was to introduce Mr.Highline as an agency to the students of Middlesex University and share how our team has become a vital part of the marketing strategy for many companies.


Engaging the Next Generation

As a team of young & ambitious professionals ourselves, we aimed to inspire the audience and offer a unique insight into how we handle the expectations of our clients, offer some behind the scenes of our operations and how we work on the creative process for so many different brands.

Thanks to the initiative of the course director Dr. Marianna Kornilaki who invited us, we were able to provide real-world examples to the students as they were working on their assignments at the time.


The presentation itself featured a brief background of the companies we’ve worked with, the differences between organic & paid advertising, and why the power of social media is the perfect tool for hotels to reach new people, share their unique offering and remain competitive in an increasingly digital world.

We were delighted to share our experiences with an ambitious and engaged audience filled with young talent. The group of students amazed our team with their questions about what it’s like to work with brands, and it also opened up another door to the possibility of potential internships, because who knows where we might find the next addition to our team?

It was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon for everyone involved and a special thanks goes to Marianna for providing the opportunity!

You can take a look at the video footage of the event below, and you can also find a pdf of the slides here.

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