Staying Sane at Home

Since we’re all in need of some productivity to keep us sane at home, we wanted to encourage some positive thoughts among our guests & online viewers to keep people motivated, talking and always challenging themselves

As the weeks have gone by at home, you’ve probably worked out a morning routine that works around your work and family life. You could almost say we’ve already got used to the routine with our makeshift desks and online chats, but it’s important to stay creative whilst we are restricted outdoors so you can make the most of each day and keep the household smiling together!

Stay Connected!

Social media has come to our rescue to some degree during this time, as we have now become more connected than ever over our phones and laptops for both work & leisure. We are consuming more online content than ever as we look to fill our time with entertainment – but is this the best use of our time? 

We are doing our best at this time to remain in touch with Paddington community and help where we can to support vulnerable people, which is where the modern technology really comes into its own. Instead of that next episode, why not reach out to old friends, family members & colleagues and lend an ear – you never know who might need it!

Time to Learn Something New?

How many times have you had something in your mind that you wish you had time to complete? It’s important to stay feeling busy during this time, and having a little extra time on our hands could be just the thing we need to explore something new and add to out capabilities. It’s a great motivator and helps to put you in a routine by dedicating a small amount of time per day to your new craft. Whether it’s exercise, learning a new language or keeping the family fascinated with a magic trick – your time is what you make it, and what better time than the present to reap the rewards of productivity!

Focus on Your Health

You could include this as part of your trying something new, but as we’ve all become a bit more health conscious over recent weeks – why does it have to stop there? A lot of lessons have been learned about how easy it is to spread illness in public, so we should all seek to help ourselves and maintain healthier lifestyles to build up our immune systems and do what we can to stay resilient against future illness. Even the smallest changes can lead to much bigger impacts down the line, so now’s a good time to start practicing some good habits to improve your diet, get your vitamins and find a fun way to stay active. There’s something for everyone!

Slow Down

There are many who feel that we are all being shown that we need to take a step outside the hectic lifestyles we are all used to living and grasp what truly matters in our lives. It’s often easy to forget the little things that keep us ticking over when living “like normal”, but now we are spending more time with our households and staying connected to our loved ones, it brings about a greater appreciation for our own relationships. We are all hearing tragic stories of lost loved ones every day, so we must all be thankful for our health when we have it, be present with our loved ones and give a little time to yourself now and again. Let’s not take what we have for granted – instead we can all learn a lesson for what we should truly value so that we can all gain a slice of something positive when this is all said and done. 

Nobody saw this coming, but we will all be a part of the world that deals with these lessons once we’re all allowed outdoors and into our routines again. We encourage you to stay positive, and we look forward to sharing the celebrations in Paddington as soon as we can.Until then, stay safe! ❤

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