International Women’s Day – Editor’s Notes

By Christalena Vraila – Director of Mr. Highline

I have been flirting with the idea of sharing my thoughts a few times before this note was written and I kept postponing it with the usual excuse that there is never enough time. The truth is the right opportunity didn’t arise to inspire me to write something meaningful, until a few days ago when I realised that the 8th of March is approaching.

It must be pretty clear by now that I am referring to International Women’s Day. Some of us look at this as an opportunity to reflect on the progress made along the years from women all over the world. Some remember influential women that made an impact in their community and some celebrate the unsung heroines that played an important role in their lives in the most personal and intimate way.

For me, International Women’s Day is a special time to pay tribute to women that affect me, inspire me and challenge me on a daily basis through their work ethic and strong personality. 

Personally and on behalf of the Mr.Highline team, I want to say a big thank you to the women that trust us with their business. Our female partners and clients that believe in our commitment to quality and in our expertise to spread their message in the online world.

This day is dedicated to each and every one of you:

Jacqui McMillan – General Manager Novotel London Canary Wharf

Louisa Daxer-Robins – Operations Manager Novotel London Canary Wharf

Zsofia Szabo – HR Manager Novotel London Canary WharfL

Yona Heyward – Office Manager Heyward Hospitality Solutions

Suzanne Staples – Conference & Sales Manager Novotel Cardiff

Sylvie Gallon – General Manager Ibis Styles London Ealing

Katerina Santikou – Business Development Director Santikos Collection

Meena Flora – Conference & Sales Manager, Novotel London Brentford

Henrietta Lovell – Founder and Chair of Trustees Rare Charity

Daisy Belfield Santos – Managing Director, Rare Charity

Ioanna Gkerdouki – Owner of Auli Foodhouse

Agnese Williams – Events Coordinator, ILEC

Lalita Menezes – Events Executive, ILEC

And last but not least Lucy Hurman, our superstar Digital Marketeer at Mr.Highline who puts care and love in everything she does.

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