The Social Media Recipe

Which are the most important components to create a successful social media recipe? Continuing from the other week’s blog post, discover more by reading on!

“Why?” Not “What?”

Social Media platforms have grown by allowing people to aspire for the luxury they feel they deserve, whether that’s a new dress, a luxury holiday or a bird’s eye view of your friend’s latest meal. But making your audience dream is only half the battle. Users are becoming ever savvier, and you must appeal to their intention – why would they want this? How is this going to be their preferred choice amongst the competition? Only when you understand why your audience acts the way they do can you truly unlock their path to purchase and get them to hit that book button.

Streamline the Sales Process

Did you know that, if your customers have to wait longer than three seconds for your site to load after clicking a link, you will lose at least 50% of your prospects? Having a smooth, intuitive website is the first step to captivating your audience’s clicks. But you can make it even easier for them – minimise the number of stages needed in your booking process, making it convenient for them to gather information and include a direct call to action at every touchpoint in their journey. Most importantly – don’t ask your audience to call in or leave an email! Let them leave their details at the click of a button and your conversion rates will skyrocket.

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By Jonathan Orells

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