Mr.Highline on Stage at the Independent Hotel Show

After 2 previous visits, Mr.Highline were proud to receive a speaker’s slot at the 2019 Independent Hotel Show (IHS). The exhibition is one of the UK’s leading hospitality events that brings together hotel owners across the country to inspire the future of their hotels and inspire new ideas in the presence of hospitality professionals, suppliers and creatives.

Speaking of creatives, our very own Christalena took her chance to impress hoteliers on the ‘Innovation Stage’ with her presentation called“A Social Media Recipe with a Pinch of Paid Ad”. The talk covered the specialities of Mr.Highline’s work and touched on a number of key learning points for hotel owners to put into place today in order to optimise their social media presence.

We remain in a time where so many of us have had a head start on understanding the inner workings of these platforms as we have grown alongside them. Social Media is no longer a niche, but a necessity.

Christalena painted the picture perfectly when she asked the audience who would like to use their online presence to generate more direct bookings for their rooms, events & F&B outlets. To no one’s surprise, hands across the audience went flying into the air because let’s face it, who wouldn’t?

In today’s world, it can be difficult to quantify the benefits of a traditional ad in a magazine or identify the success of conversion to get customers hooked on your offering through a short clip on the radio. Customisation is key – every hotel is different and you must have a unique way to reach and influence your most relevant audience.

So, which are the three most important ingredients to buy when preparing your own social media recipe? Read on below!

Consistency is Key

Your online presence must enable you to remain top of mind among your audience, and this requires consistent engagement with the high-quality content in terms of their aesthetic and information, as well as how you engage with your community online. The algorithms that drive these platforms favour accounts that are active on a daily basis with posts and interact with your adoring followers.

By Jonathan Orrells

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