Rave-a-Roo shows us the importance of song and dance for a child’s development

According to an article by the British Council, song and dance are an essential part of our children’s development. Both creative and physical, we are continuing to see more emphasis on these types of activities, particularly in the tech-focussed world that we live in today, where children and spending more time attached to gadgets as a form of both learning and entertainment.

Our team works with an array of clients, one of which is the award-winning Rave-A-Roo. A day time festival for the whole family to enjoy, Rave-A-Roo is the ultimate kids day out, that combines music from top DJs and the very best children’s performing artists, giving the kids the chance to rock out on the dance floor.

The best thing we love about Rave-A-Roo is that it’s not just a fun family day out. It’s an opportunity for your kids to let their hair down in a creative and uninhibited space, allowing them the opportunity to enhance their physical wellbeing and brain development.

Below are 5 benefits experienced by children who enjoy both dancing, singing and other creative activities:

Physical fitness

As a form of exercise dancing is a brilliant way for kids to let off some steam, whilst improving their physical strength, stamina and ultimately their overall health. Studies have shown that one in three children are no longer active enough, which is something that can definitely be improved by a high-energy day of raving.


According to child education centres, both music and dance can have an amazing effect on our child’s concentration levels, encouraged through the act of deep breathing, allowing for more oxygen to get to the brain.

Happy levels

Dance is something that is encouraged by psychology professionals as a way of lifting our spirits. When we dance, we release endorphins, which ultimately makes us feel happy.


Not only is dancing at an event such as Rave-A-Roo a great opportunity for your kids to socialise with a great bunch of mini ravers, attending as a family is a chance for you to interreact with your kids in a fun environment. Something that is highlighted by Psychology professor Patricia Riddell, of the University of Reading.

Cognitive development

Studies show that children who are exposed to forms of music and dance are more likely to develop at a faster rate when it comes to cognitive abilities, including perception, memory and motor skills.

These benefits are just a few of the ways in which getting up on the dancefloor for a chance to sing and run around can greatly support your children’s development. We are proud to be supporting Rave-a-Roo and relish the opportunity to craft creative content for their online platforms, helping to spread the word about Rave-A-Roo’s family fest as the best day out for everyone to enjoy.

For anyone wanting to book tickets to the next Rave-A-Roo event, you’re in luck! Tickets are now available for their summer rave on 22nd June at London’s iconic Ministry of Sound. Join the Rave-A-Roo hosts including the epic Jungle Jane, resident artists Go!Go!Go! and an extra special live performance from the world-famous PinkFong Baby Shark!

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit the Rave-A-Roo website www.rave-a-roo.com 

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