An Insight Into The Current Hospitality Trends

When working in hospitality, it is crucial to keep up to date with all of the latest trends and so last week we were delighted to attend an event at Glion Institute of Higher Education London to discuss with a team of panellists some of the newest trends in the industry.

The panellists included:

Petra Deuter – Director of Operations, Asset Management Hotels at London & Regional Properties

Claire Corridan – HR and Learning Manager at Nobu Hotel Shoreditch

Christalena Vraila – Co-Founder at Mr.Highline

Nicholas Northam – Executive Vice President-International at Interstate Hotels & Resorts

Michael Heyward – Consultant Lecturer at Glion London.

Below are the main points that were discussed at the event.

  • Why are brands constantly evolving?

This evolution is inevitable with the constant creation of new brands by big players such as Accor and Marriott as well as Boutique hotels. With so much competition within the hospitality industry, hotels are facing the need to expand and create new brands in order for them to remain both competitive and relevant.

Creativity is a key quality in order for brands to ensure they stand out, and Nobu Shoreditch along with the W Hotels seem to be very good at this. For example, the lobbies in all W hotels are called ‘Lounges’ in order to embrace a more personable and socially encouraging atmosphere. They also incorporate the letter ‘W’ in the names of most of their facilities, such as the pool being called the ‘Wet’. The creative interior and exterior design along with the aesthetic of these hotels are also key factors to bringing in a large number of younger customers, along with helping them to create a unique brand.

  • A changing workforce

There is a changing workforce within the hospitality industry, and this is partly due to the fact that longer working hours are required as a matter of nature in the business. It is key to gain full exposure to the operations within the industry before moving up towards a managerial position, however the newer generations are becoming much more impatient when it comes to their success and also quite eager to maintain a balance between their personal and professional life. In order to work in the hospitality industry, a huge amount of passion is an absolute must as it cannot simply be treated as a 9-5 job which contradicts with the priorities that most millennials set.

  • Is technology the key to success?

As all of the panelists agreed, technology is the future and hotels are beginning to embrace technology more and more. Technology is not only embraced by millennials, but it can also improve a company’s operations, branding and profit. A website portrays a lot about the brand and its image, therefore it should abide by the current standards, such as mobile-first design and a clean look and feel. Social media and digital marketing are also playing a catalytic role in promoting the online image of a hospitality business.
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