19 Marketing Trends To Look Out For In 2019

With NYE just around the corner, for many, now is the time to reflect on the past 12 months. Here at Mr.Highline however, we are looking forward to 2019 and what’s on the horizon. 

We have researched the latest social media and digital marketing trends to bring you 19 things to look out for in the year ahead, all of which could play a vital role in your marketing strategies.

1. Visual content – The importance of visual content is continuing to grow. As visual beings, we process visuals far quicker than text, making this the best way to get content across to your audience.

2. Live streaming – Authenticity is a key word right now for hotels when it comes to marketing and live streaming is one of the top ways to create authentic content and strengthen your customer relationships.

3. Videos – A dominant medium across all social media platforms today, it’s a no-brainer that businesses need to be making the most of video marketing.

4. Augmented reality – We are already seeing the popularity of the augmented reality with Instagram’s stories camera filters but this clever tool is set to become more prevalent across other platforms.

5. Chatbots – A technology that is soon to be considered “the norm”, helping brands to engage with consumers in a simple, yet effective way that can lead to increased conversions. 

6. IGTV – Launched in 2018, IGTV targets mobile users, who are viewing content vertically, allowing brands to present long-form videos to their Instagram followers. 

7. Snack ads – With an abundance of content it is no surprise that our attention span is shortening, which is why snack ads (a video less than 10 seconds long) are the optimal way to grab your customer’s attention. 

8. User-generated content – Utilising content created by fans is another way to build your authenticity and help to tell the story behind your hotel. 

9. Influencers – For consumers, influencers are often seen as everyday people we can relate to, which is why more hotels are engaging with them to promote their brands to target audiences.

10. Social conversions – A quick and easy way to promote products is social campaigns that generate conversion. Brands are using this to convert their audience on social media to loyal customers. 

11. Focus on Gen Z – As Gen Z step into adulthood, businesses are beginning to target this generation who are social media savvy, having grown up in a world filled with technology. 

12. Social CEOs – It’s all about authenticity again, with CEO’s being urged to play a bigger role in their brands social media to improve brand loyalty.

13. Omnichannel marketing – A customer focussed strategy that targets your hotels audience across all channels to enhance their customer experience. 

14. Personalised marketing – Consumers want to feel valued by brands and personalisation is the way to do this, from product recommendations to carefully timed email campaigns. 

15. Social media demographics – Despite being the most popular platform for the 55 and overs, Facebook is seeing a decline in its users. Whereas, Instagram continues to see an increase in users across the board and therefore an important platform to consider for your business. 

16. Automated content – Easy to implement in order to schedule your content on social media and publish it automatically at the desired day and time.

17. Voice search marketing – Smart assistants are at the forefront of technology but it is vital for marketers to ensure their brands SEO strategy puts them at number one when it comes to voice searches.

18. Micro-moments – When you search for a key piece of information online that you need to know right then, it’s what has become known as a micro-moment. To make a quick sale, hotels are tailoring their marketing strategies to meet their customers’ requirements, in the moment.

19. Creativity – Brands who are creative rather than conforming to conventions are more likely to stand out from the crowd amongst the magnitude of consumer choices. 

For more information on how these trends could influence your business and how we can help you make the most out of your social media and digital marketing strategies, get in touch with us here.

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