The Wellness Spa Travel Trends Revolutionising the Industry

Spa retreats have changed a lot in recent years. Once an opportunity to get a massage, order breakfast in bed, and lounge around in a dressing gown all weekend, wellness retreats are now about something far more meaningful than simple relaxation.

These breaks now provide the chance for personal development, education, and meaningful connections. In this blog post we explore the hottest new trends in wellness set to influence 2018 and beyond.

1. Authentic experiences over luxury travel
Spa retreats used to be all about luxury: luxury hotels, luxury treatments, and the luxury of complete relaxation. But in 2018, this is all changing. Hotels and resorts are beginning to realize that guests now value authenticity over high-end travel. More than ever before, travellers are looking to experience the most authentic elements of the place they’re visiting, whether through its art, food or spa treatments. For some, this might mean embracing traditional Ayurvedic meditation practices, while for others authenticity can be found from eating meals made from hyper-local, seasonal ingredients. In short, meaningful connections between hotels and their guests have never been more important.

2. Healthy foodie retreats
When it comes to food, wellness retreats are increasingly becoming a healthy investment. Not only do travellers want to eat delicious, nourishing food on their breaks – they expect to learn how to reproduce the same meals at home as well. Some wellness retreats even offer guests the opportunity to receive a tailor-made nutrition plan as a healthy souvenir that will last a lifetime.

3. Solo travel
Whether in search of a transformatory experience or just some peace and quiet, more and more solo travellers are heading to wellness resorts for some alone time. In response to this growing trend, retreats are increasingly offering services aimed at those individuals looking for the transformative power of travel. These include emotional healing therapies, life mentoring and meditation breaks.

4. Community wellness
Wellness retreats are no longer just about helping yourself – they’re increasingly geared up towards helping the community too. With social responsibility, sustainability, and community development high on the priority list of many travellers, wellness retreats are giving guests the chance to ‘pay it forward’ through the activities, food and opportunities on offer.

5. High-tech holidays
Just because you’re on a wellness break, doesn’t mean you want to completely switch off. Rather than banishing stress-inducing technology, hotels and resorts are coming to embrace it. With the impressive development of spa and fitness tech, guests can now enjoy treatments tailored to their exact needs, with benefits they can measure.

And the tech doesn’t stop there. Hotels and resorts are increasingly tapping into the power of social media to create meaningful conversations with their guests and forge real connections. This is great news for social media savvy travellers, who are now able to relive their wellness experience long after check-out.

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