Here, The Sky Is The Limit

We admire inspired people that showcase the best version of their country through their stylish creations.

Our latest discovery are two hidden diamonds in Kea, Greece; Villa Meli & Villa Sandra Maria make this beautiful island sparkle a little brighter.

Made with attention to detail by Olga and her daughter Sandra who combined their love for Kea with the influences and experiences that they collected throughout the years from their trips all over the world; these two villas are the secret paradise that we have all been looking for.

Only a heartbeat away from Athens, minimal, stylish and perfectly aligned with the natural surroundings of the island. A home away from home, the ultimate relaxation spot, in other words the perfect destination for when we need to escape reality and recharge or simply connect with nature, admire the endless blue and fall in love with breathtaking sunsets.

Luckily we are not the only ones enchanted by these beauties, since recently Conde Nast Traveller shared among their top destinations the two luxury villas in Kea, Cyclades.

It is greek tourism at its best and we are glad to see that these great initiatives upgrade the hospitality world around us. Summer might not be here, but we are mostly looking forward to those hot days at Villa Meli & Villa Sandra Maria that are approaching.

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